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Where does the brand begin? #Oberoidomore

This is The Oberoi Bangalore. Or at least some parts of it.

1 oberoi-bangalore-b8 OberoiHotel_Reuters old-billboard

This morning around 5.30 am I was on my morning walk when I saw a man lying on MG road outside the hotel gates. I took a double take as you NEVER see anyone lying across any road, let alone one as busy as MG Road.

At that hour it is pretty dark and buses and cars were racing down the road. As they came close to the man/body they’d swerve and continue.

I walked up to the hotel gate where there were a bunch of security guards standing and ‘enjoying’ the view. I asked them to come out and help move the man to the side. They refused saying that their supervisor had seen the man and told them to do nothing.

Inspite of repeated asking they refused.

Finally a passing auto stopped and between the 2 of us we stopped the traffic and moved the man, who was either drunk or had a fit, to the side.

Can you imagine if a vehicle ran over him just outside the hotel with the staff knowing that they could have stopped it. Beyond being an unspeakable tragedy it would have been a PR disaster for the brand.

Of course Oberoi has outsourced their security but ultimately they are all seen as the hotel staff and what they do reflects on the property and the brand.

I was pretty disappointed with what happened this morning. Especially as I have experienced their hospitality as a guest, so I know what they are capable of.

Ironic, considering they are in the hospitality business.

It also raised a more fundamental Q in my head about the brand. Does the brand only begin once you enter the gates? Maybe that is the training everyone gets. Once inside our property the guest is God.

Or is it nothing to do with the brand and it is all about humanity.

Either way I wish Oberoi did more than stand and watch.

I have left them a message on their fb page to let them know and hopefully avoid any other misfortune.


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