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10 marketing and advertising stories I enjoyed reading over the last 7 days: August 9, 2015

  1. Best global digital campaigns from last week: lighthouse does a great job of bringing to light digital stories and launches in India. They also do a compilation of some of the best work from around the world. Here is a link to the best work from last week. I particularly liked the work from P&G AP which uses influencers.
  2. Responding to social media complaints: This is always a concern with brands. You never know when someone starts a complaint and it gathers steam, before you know it. What do you do. This article here has some good advice.
  3. Facts to make you sound intelligent: We all want some quick facts on our finger tips to use in meetings, presentations, interviews or just conversations. Here are 9 interesting and fin digital facts for your reading pleasure.
  4. Social media trends: Remember ice bucket challenge? Sometimes somethings just arrive and take over your internet feed. Here are 15 from the recent past. Remember them?
  5. Hidden features: Who doesn’t like to learn about the hidden features of some of the more popular social media channels. Here are 16 that cover facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and G+
  6. Making referrals work for you: Just as marketing to influencers is a good path to success, so is referral marketing. Here are 2 case studies from Airbnb and Dropbox that show you how you can make them work for you.
  7. Are agencies ready for the new marketer?: As clients spend more on digital and their expectations on data analytics grow agencies are bumping into new expectations. How can they cope? Can they cope? Read a perspective here.
  8. Marketing automation: With tools like Marketo, Eloqua, Unica and others marketing automation has been around for years. Yet, it seems, only 10% of marketers use them. Wonder why? Read on.
  9. Back to school: This is a big business opportunity in the West. Not quite so much here. But it is only a matter of time. Here are 8 good tips to deal with this big market.
  10. Start ups to revolutionise marketing: Here is a list of 19 start ups that are using technology to enable marketers to up their game. Be it IOT, video or social media there is a start up doing something revolutionary that marketers should exploit.

And of course last week social media was awash with these two most unlikely characters. We will miss one and not the other.


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