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Marketing and advertising articles I enjoyed today: August 10, 2015

Understanding performance metrics in the digital world. Here is a great set of stats by media you are likely to use. Think of it as a starter kit.Digital shoppers: Why do consumers shop on some sites and not on others, what is their preferred payment mechanism, where do they start their search. All these and more Qs answered right here: http://www.pymnts.com/in-depth/2015/innovation-and-the-digital-shopper-2/#.VcdHAUqXeK0
Tell a story: Yes we have heard it often enough. The importance of telling a story. Here are some easy to follow tips on how to create stories from simple everyday activities. https://blog.bufferapp.com/facebook-images

Creating disruptive b2b marketing campaigns. Not enough is written about b2b campaigns in the on-line world. Which is why I found these 5 tips as gold dust. Read more here http://www.dmnews.com/marketing-strategy/5-must-know-tips-for-building-a-market-disruptive-b2b-marketing-campaign/article/431217/

Why humans run the world. This is a video that, is a summary, if you like, of the book Sapiens : A brief history of Humankind. Lovely story of how humans learnt to collaborate around fictions helping them take over the world. Watch the video here. http://youtu.be/nzj7Wg4DAbs

 New on-line retailer using data for real time experience. This is a story of a new startup that is using data to create dynamic offers for customers looking at their browing experience on-line. Similar to, but better than Amazon. Details here http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikamorphy/2015/08/09/why-the-next-great-online-retail-experience-you-have-probably-wont-be-on-amazon/

Social Shopping is here; facebook is set to launch their on-line shopping festival on August 12. Details here. http://tech.firstpost.com/news-analysis/facebook-set-to-launch-online-shopping-festival-on-12-august-in-india-277279.html

Pinterest is a relatively quiet social media channel but given its visual dimension brands can use it intelligently to create brand presence and equity. Some simple tips here. http://www.business2community.com/pinterest/6-pinterest-marketing-tips-you-can-use-today-01296342

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