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My favourite marketing articles of the recent past: September 2, 2015


White Papers: In b2b marketing educating the customer is always a part of the communication strategy. And white papers play a big role in doing this. Here’s a good article that lists some tips to improve your white papers. http://www.business2community.com/b2b-marketing/ditch-the-boring-whitepaper-top-5-b2b-whitepaper-examples-01312284

Of Marketing Metrics: We have always been taught to measure everything we do. And with the world going digital there’s lots more that is measurable. But what should you really measure. Though this article is about book marketing, I found some useful nuggets here. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/penny-c-sansevieri/why-marketing-metrics-don_b_8048900.html?ir=India&adsSiteOverride=in

25 important b2b content marketing stats: Typically the digital medium is the purview of Consumer goods companies, largely because they were first off the block. However, we are recently seeing the b2b marketers adopting the medium rather well too. Here is a simple infographic carrying some useful stats from b2b marketers wrt their content marketing efforts.


Driving traffic to your blog: Many people, including me, blog. The whole point about blogging is to get people to read it. How do you do that? Here’s a great essay that lists 15 things you can do in Social Media to drive traffic to your blog. Very simple things you can start tomorrow. http://www.searchenginejournal.com/15-advanced-ways-promote-blog-post-socialmedia/139107/

Paid Search best practices for b2b marketers: Here are some wonderful tips to improve the performance of your Paid Search Marketing. http://www.business2community.com/b2b-marketing/5-paid-search-best-practices-that-get-b2b-marketers-ahead-of-the-curve-01314780


Programmatic Advertising- What is it: This is a good primer for anyone who is involved in advertising and wants to know what the basics are and how to benefit. http://hellospark.com/en-ca/blog/what-does-programmatic-advertising-actually-mean/

Company culture for digital transformation: Digital media is unlike any other media that came by before. It permeates every part of the organization and hence requires a review of the company as a whole. This article talks about the culture change needed to make a digital transformation. https://hbr.org/2015/08/the-company-cultures-that-help-or-hinder-digital-transformation

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