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The new olx ad


A few days ago I saw this new olx ad which, I really liked because it seemed well targeted.

You may have seen it..it features what looks like a start up operation. There’s one guy who rattles off all the things they need for their business. Another guy does the math and says it comes to some few lakhs of rupees. Then the original guy gets on to OLX and there they get everything they need for a fraction of the price.

I liked it for its simplicity. No needless overlays of characters, situations etc.

It is very focused. With everyone dreaming of a start up this is clearly a niche that has huge potential.

Production values are again simple, neat and pleasing to the eye.

A few things they could have done to improve this campaign, that come to mind

  1. Not irritate the viewer by inflicting the same ad every few minutes. I saw the same ad about 5 times in 15 minutes. There really needs to be a better media buy than ‘let’s take a whole bunch of ads in a span of half an hour and hope they see it’
  2. Talking about the TVC, the Q that comes to mind, why did they go TV at all? The audience they are talking to is so focused that they could do the campaign completely on-line. And before someone says don’t take the audience so literally..they are also running an ad targeted to the newly married. This suggests that they are doing a micro segmentation strategy. So I would’ve saved a ton of money by running this campaign on-line. And ironically, I could not find this TVC on-line inspite of my best efforts. Which is why I had to describe it in words.
  3. Having got my interest in the TVC, OLX could have created a landing page experience targeted to each sub segment. So maybe a start up button on the home page which filters for me the items a typical start up would need. A button for the ‘home starters’ and so on. This completes the customer journey to the end.

Little things I know, but when I see such things happen, I wonder why it should? This is how we did advertising in the 1990s. Let’s make a good TVC and run the hell out of it.

This is 2015. You don’t need TV for everything. You don’t need to run 100s on the same channel in a short period of time. You should create customer journeys and ensure you see them through till they buy, or atleast walk into the store.

More the pity as olx has a good TVC and is a internet only company.

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