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Of tag lines

This morning I was out walking and I spotted a Domino’s outlet. I didn’t have a camera but the sign looked something like this…


Pay attention to the tag line…

Now I am the first to think that it is a great line. And I am sure the agency and client toiled on it and researched it before they put into their advertising.

And I believe, it probably, works well to sum up the key idea of the campaign as well.

But when you just see that line by itself on a sign board on the outlet, it looks completely out of place and probably non sensical even.

A few months ago, my boss, mentor, friend-kinda posted this picture from a store selling Clinic.


Again the first claim of Mazboot baal, makes sense. But what is Mazboot rishtein? How does it sit with where the tag line is showing?

I think this is a hang over of a previous era of advertising where the marching orders were to slap the same visuals and lines in every piece of communication to create an integrated view to the consumer.

I don’t think the consumer sees it so literally.

Here are 2 likely consumer journies…

Option 1: She saw the ad and was convinced to walk into the outlet. At the point of purchase she is faced with multiple brand choices. What is the claim the brand can make that will aid pick up? Is it a brand line or something else?

Option 2: She didn’t see the ad and walks into the outlet. Then she sees the brand line and wonders, just as I did, how does mazboot baal = mazboot rishtey?

I believe brands need to map the consumer journeys carefully and then deliver the communication that moves the consumer from one stage to the next.

Of all the brands I have worked in all parts of the world there is only one brand that actually does this scientifically. Putting it very very simplistically, and not revealing trade secrets here, their process is, to increase the functional component of the message as the consumer comes closer to the point of purchase. So for Clinic the message, at point of purchase, would be something like ‘mazboot baal. Just 125 rupees for 500 ml’. It recognizes that when she is at a decision making point she cares most about the specific benefit she will get, and at what price?

Similarly, Domino’s had a simple line ‘Hungry kya?’ they ran a few years ago. That is what I would put on the outlet, with a great picture of a juicy slice of pizza.

We need to acknowledge the role of each medium and how the consumer interacts with it as she moves down the funnel so that we are delivering truly relevant communications that sells the goods.

Tag lines are great. We need more of them, aligned to the different phases of the consumer journey

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