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Is old media thinking killing new media?

On radio here in Bangalore there is an educational institution that runs a campaign that has one ad that goes something like this.

Boy: Why did a tree not fall on Newton, instead of just an apple. Then I wouldn’t have to learn about gravity.

VO: Don’t hate studies. Come to us, we’ll make you enjoy it

Boy: Oh Newton, I did not know you were so great.

Or something close to that.

While the insight is interesting the execution is HORRIBLE.

It is the one campaign that makes me reach for the mute button each time the ad plays.

While the execution is bad, what irritates me is that they run the same ad some 20 times a day.

Now, I know that it is radio and they have no idea who has heard the ad, whether the person who has heard the ad has acted on it so they have to keep harassing the unsuspecting public.

Then I turn on my laptop and when I log on to youtube, shows up another ad for a leading telecom that says… Well I don’t know what they say because I ‘skip ad’ each time. But each time I turn youtube on, this ad comes on. And each time I ‘skip ad’. That is the best part of the ad..the option to Skip Ad. (There is another telco that doesn’t give me that option)

What I don’t understand is this.

Google knows who I am because I have logged on.

They know my demographics, where I am, whether I am this telco subscriber or not. Additionally, they know that I have never viewed this ad beyond 5 seconds.

Now, what are they doing with this information to ensure that I don’t see an ad that I have not interacted with at all? Seems like Nothing. Might as well be like the educational institution I referred to earlier

So advertisers are bringing old media thinking to new media.

Perhaps they work on a cost per click deal so they see no cost to them for showing the ad. Perhaps.

But there is a cost. My time. My favorability impression. My loyalty.

The media agencies need to step up and guide the advertisers through the intelligent use of data because it is available and should be used.

Else old media behaviour is going to drive the emerging consumers to turning off ads, installing adblockers and the type. And we don’t want that, do we?





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  1. Jagadish
    June 30, 2016 at 11:20 am

    Yes Harish you just echoed the same sentiment perhaps a million would be going through. The advertisers/publishers are only bothered about impressions that they burn for the client and not the overall experience the customer gets, It’s high time that the publishers think about intrusiveness that the user faces. Too many ads, too many gadgets to handle ( Smartphone, Laptop, TV, Radio ) ….ads everywhere billboards, etc …the user attention rate has gone down.

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