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Marketers may not realise the amount of information that is out there and collected by the major platforms. Information that can be used to do precision targeting of messages.

Below I focus only on the Google platform, and use a semi fictitious example using Singapore as a geographic location..


User name, as he has a google account.

User accesses the net largely from 2 locations. River Valley Road and 50 Scotts Road.

Google infers: River Valley Road is residence

Google knows 50 Scotts Road is a WPP office.

Google infers the user is a WPP employees

User accesses the net from Changi a lot, as well as Hongkong, Tokyo, Vietnam, Melbourne.

Google infers the user has a regional travel job.

Given the frequency of travel, Google infers the person is pretty senior in WPP.

On weekends the google network is accessed in zoos, botanical gardens, movie halls, family restaurants. Google infers the user is a family man, with a little kid.

User has an iphone 6.

User searched for iphone 7. User frequently searches for tech gadgets.

Google infers the user is interested In gadgets and likely buyer of the iphone 7.

When in a new location the first google searches are for restaurants nearby.

Google infers the user likes food.

User phone is then pinging at high quality eating restaurants.

Google infers the user is a connoisseur of good food.

Most frequently searched words are related to motor cars, gadgets, toys and holiday destinations.

Google infers a car lover.

Google reconfirms gadget junkie.

Google reconfims a frequent traveler.

Most searches start at 6.00 am and taper off by 11 pm.

Google infers sleeping patterns.

Pictures taken on phone are uploaded to picasa/google drive.

Google knows the family members include a wife, a daughter and a dog.

Analysing the pictures, google infers the age of the daughter and the family’s interests.

Further analysis reveals the kinds of locations the family prefers to be in. Water/F&B/Hills/adventure sports and so on.

The user has only watched two ads in full on youtube. Both of cars.

Google infers user is interested in cars.

And so on..

And this is just google.

The cookie trail we leave on line are manna for advertisers. The smart ones have picked up the scent it and using it already.

Programmatic advertising is going to start leveraging the various bits of data from first party, and third party data to create customer idss enabling targeting of highly customised communications. Some brands are on it, many more will follow, soon.

If you are a user, be scared.

If you are a marketer, well here is the pot of gold

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