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Watch your back: Jeans that wink!!

Whatever will they think of next?

This article talks about a brand of Jeans called Winkers. It is designed such that it looks like the jeans are winking from behind. ie if the person in front of you is wearing one then it appears that her, or his, back is winking at you when the person walks.

Really?? Is that what we were missing on our crowded footpaths?

I imagine the Winkers go best with the T shirt that has the sexual harassment hotline imprinted and glasses with rear view mirrors.

Just because something can be done, doesn’t mean it has to.

But people who buy Winkers, know what they are getting in to. (pun intended)

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How Apple innovates

Here’s another great article on learnings from Apple’s innovation process.

It talks about 5 steps

1. Clear your mind

2. Build your elite

3. Cultivate your elite

4. Don’s rush. Don’t dawdle

5. Clone your own Steve Jobs

Click here to read the whole article.

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