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Mobile phone mis- applications

September 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Different subject from the usual.

Article in NYT that refers to something that is growing all around us.

Multi tasking drivers.

Besides the danger to the driver, it also puts the passengers in the car at risk. Enough written about this in recent times.

This specific article talks about the impact on family relationships as, what used to be ‘family time’ in the car is now being intruded by personal devices. Seemingly nothing is ‘ignorable’.

Also written about is the impact that back seat drivers are having on driver mobile phone usage. When there is someone else in the car there is greater pressure to reduce, if not stop, being distracted. It is likely that it is this, than any sort of legislation that will lead to sensible personal device usage in a car.

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Mobile phone usage

July 21, 2009 1 comment

Amazing little survey.

This is a mobile phone user survey.

Astounding, to me, data from the US and UK.

13% of users in the US and 1% of users in UK never make a call on their mobile phone!! Never. Didn’t I say astounding!!

And another snippet…

When asked what top 3 features they would like on their mobile phone it had to do with navigation and location. Good direction for all those ap developers.

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