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It’s not the size. It’s richness that matters.

In a recently released survey by Dynamic Logic, the data shows that it is not the size of the ad, rather the position of it that is most conducive to generating awareness and purchase intent.

Similarly rich media with video content generated the most brand impact.

The worst performer was Flash. The most popular format today.

Among the words of advice from the findings are.

  • Try delivering a Rich Media with Video ad as the first ad exposure to your addressable online audience.
  • Think twice before making Simple Flash ads the centerpiece of a campaign. For every branding goal studied, a different rich media format was better than Simple Flash at getting results

The article containing more details is here.


Best time to target on-line?

So digital media response is impacted by time of day as well.  See article. I guess no surprise there?

Or is there?

At one level it seems to make sense that when people are relaxed they are more likely to click on an ad.

On the other hand if you are searching for something and you see a relevant ad won\’t you click, no matter what time of the day?

I think it is the distinction between the active surfer and the passive surfer.

More data is called for before we can reach such conclusions.


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