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Is your marketing smart?

Almost in a strident refute of the survey that I posted in my earlier post is this essay in Ad Age where Dr Ronald Stampfl insists that when times are tough it is not cost cutting that yields dividends, rather smart marketing.

Using examples from Kohls to Hyundai to Carl’s Jr he makes the point that business can benefit and grow if they do the right things. Even spending more.

Now wonder how many marketers are given the freedom by their CFOs and/or have the courage to stand and be counted among the smart one.

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No news is still good news

A recent survey done, amongst marketers, in the US shows that they are still not keen on spending any money on advertising and marketing.

The language used still is around ‘cutting’

87% : focused on cost savings and spending reductions .

81% : reducing department travel and expenses;

74%: reducing advertising media budgets,

71%: challenging agencies to reduce internal expenses and/or identify cost reductions

64% : reducing advertising production budgets.

56% now, versus 32% a year ago : cut agency compensation

Sometimes reading about this stuff gets marketers who intend to get back into the spending game hold back wondering if they are reading it wrong. Rather not have the news…

What they don’t teach you at dental school

August 11, 2009 1 comment

This article in WSJ points out the impact of the recession on dentists.

Many of them are seeing a drop in their business as patients cancel appointments. This is driving dentists to take up more aggressive marketing. And some are even using Twitter.

Amazing what adversity and new media combined can do.

Brands in recession

There’s many a story of consumers trading down in a recession. This is seeing many brands resorting to promotions and the growth of store brands

And then there’s Apple.

It’s earnings reports, and market performance suggest a disconnect with the realities that seem to affect other brands.

This article by a financial columnist ascribes it to the power of the Apple brand. Defining it and consistently delivering to is a key reason for its continued success.

The most important element in the brand seems to be Steve Jobs, and what everyone is watching closely is the strength of Apple without Jobs.

But as long as they keep innovating at being simple, they have growth times ahead.

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Recession and loyalty

Research report that says National brands in the US are seeing reduced brand loyalty.

I guess no surprise there given the economic challenges in the environment.

What I like is the smart moves by stores to create store brands that still gets the customers dollars, ensuring no store switch.

I wonder if this will the rise of store brands that give national brands a run for their money.

Imagine Wal-Mart starting some brands. That would be a scary move for many a brand manager.

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Activities in recessions

A recent survey by ANA (Association of National Advertisers) among marketers states the obvious. In a recession marketers cut back on media budgets, production budgets and sponsorships.

What surprised me was that they maintain their investments in R&D and learning/testing. I wonder if the focus of R&D changes to finding cheaper alternatives to exisitng products than a blue skying approach.

Isn’t it irritating that research either reveals the obvious or states something without that next level of insight? Or maybe one needs to pay for that!!

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Social Media in a recession

This article in the eCommerce news talks about using Social Media in a recession.

While not rippling with new ideas it reinforces some fundamentals with examples of how to use Social Media to build awareness, get recommendations, say something relevant about yourself/your brand and starting a conversation.

So recommended reading for those looking for simple ways to use social media in their marketing programs.

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