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Laid off? Dress up and stay quiet

What do you do when you get laid off?

Tell everyone what a lousy boss you had? Or what a terrible company it was?

You are not alone. Apparently that’s the norm. No surprises.

This article in WSJ suggests a couple of simple things to do when the unfortunate event happens.

1. Start dressing up. You need to start making a positive impression again

2. Take a break and collect your thoughts and manage your emotions. With social media so easy, it doesn’t take a lot to put that facebook comment about our boss or tweet.

Simple, sensible advice. Easier said than done of course.

Full article here.

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The art of letting people go

These are tough times.

Nearly everywhere one looks, people are being let go. And often by the finance team or people with absolutely no experience in doing so.

There is of course a difference between letting people go due to their performance versus that of the company.

In the case of the latter, often one is asking people who have been very loyal to the company or even been great performers. In this event it requires great skill in letting them go. It is traumatic for them emotionally, socially and financially. And no one really is equipped to meet all these challenges.

Stepping into this is a company called the Five O’Clock club. A company that helps companies that need to lay off people. It also works with the people being laid off.

It is a great service and I sense a business opportunity for some astute HR practitioners.

This article here says it all.

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