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Mobile Web

With the proliferation of mobile phones, and the more recent spurt in smart phones, there is of course the expectation that the phone is the only device people will need.

The shrinking laptop aka netbooks shows the direction the business is moving from that end too.

So small really IS beautiful.

The greatest excitement is in the phone segment, with numerous applications and other ‘value adds’ being included in the phone.

The most important without doubt, of course, is putting the reach of the web in the hands of 5billion(?) phone users?

This survey conducted in the UK suggests that there are many a challenge before that becomes a reality though.

Given the current spread of phone types ie Regular, Smart, Touch screen there are different aspects to be managed.

Overall usability is seen as a big problem.

The key hurdles are

  • Small Screens
  • Awkward input
  • Download delays
  • Mis-designed wbsites

Anyone who has tried to access the web using her phone would empathise with the above.

It is getting better no doubt, but still some ways to go.

I recommend reading the article.

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Mobile greetings

This is a great idea waiting to be executed.

Hallmark meets mobile phones.

The principle is simple. Download a Hallmark card from the site. And send.

No more going to a store. No more buying stamps. No more remembering to post. No more excuses.

Thanks Hallmark.

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