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News on You Tube

So it appears that You Tube has tied up with News providers to create a news channel.

And true to their spirit they are encouraging regular citizens to send in their news videos too. Sounds a bit like the i journalist approach by CNN.

However one of the key issues is going to be, and with the web always will be, credibility.

On a channel like CNN, there is an expectation that the video sent by a viewer is true and based on genuine news. However on You Tube who will play the role of that editor?

If someone puts a news clip about an incident, is You Tube taking on the responsibility of confirming it?

Else it will just be another channel for people with lots of time and a camera to showcase their idle minds!

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Got time to spare

Here is a list of the top 100 viral videos of all time. (According to the site.)

Looks like fun, if you have the time.

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